About Us

Leading world class R&D company that develops applicative technology for the empowerment of Indonesia


Our Visions

Become a leading research & manfucature company that committed at developing appropriate technology and producing global quality products innovation needed to meet the needs of the domestic component leveltowards an advance Indonesia
Become a leading company that committed at improving the quality of human resources and developing MSMEs in order to create a more qualified and highly competitive Indonesian society to encourage the realization of an advanced Indonesia.

Our Missions

  • Carryout collabroartive research and development of appropriate technology accrordance of community needs
  • Carryout prduction process from result of research taht has been carried out with lead production system
  • Conduct training and certification in technology education, specially for students
  • Conduct training for public and MSME with sustainable program as a form of corparate social responsbility

Founder Profile

Stechoq merupakan perusahaan R&D yang berfokus dalam mengembangkan inovasi produk teknologi robotika dan industri 4.0, didirikan pada tahun 2015 oleh para milenial berprestasi yang berhasil meraih belasan prestasi di bidang robotika dalam maupun luar negeri. stechoq telah berhasil dan akan terus mengembangkan produk inovasi tepat guna untuk kemajuan Indonesia.

Awards and Achievements

Leader of the national defense day ceremony 2016

Pioner youth international 2015

Youth defense country

Oustanding student for the world

Fire fighting robogames, California 2013

Balancer robogames, California 2013

Natcar robogames, California 2013

National robogames, Indonesia 2013